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The way you learn a lesson depends on the teacher. For Elijah “Class” Carter, learning how to step to the beat of his own drum came by way of the instructors in his own family. Born in March 12, 1983 in Bedford-Stuyvesant, NYC, Carter made his entrance to a world that was already framed by an undefined premise: music. Growing up on Marcy Ave in Brooklyn opened his affinity for sounds and words; his father DJ’d huge house parties where the young Carter peeked through a doorway to see 80’s hip-hop culture unfold right before his eyes. Instead of sleeping, he watched and mimicked the call-and-response method used by his father while on the mic and imitated the dance moves of the party goers, not knowing that one day, he would be forever changed by his new-found love for music.
After relocating to North Carolina in his youth, Class took an early inheritance of two turntables given to him by his father and started his studio in which he taught himself the process of engineering and manufacturing the perfect sound to what would be his dissertation to the streets. Changing environments from the fast-paced city life to the laid-back lifestyle of the South impacted his approach to his own delivery, shaping his style to be one that his peers enjoyed and supported. A move to California put his vision in perspective and after seven years of projecting himself to a growing audience, establishing personal relationships and shaping his message, Class found himself in alignment with the elite of the underground music scene on the West Coast. Young Getty, an artist who worked with Rocafella’s True Life, seen strength in Carter and matched talents with wit to make an impression on the hungry listeners who long for an artist who can see the need for good music.
Now back in N.C. attacking radio stations and stages with singles that have grown in popularity in his region, Carter establishes his slogan “Class in Session” due to his voracious manner of delivering lessons of life on the run through his music. Songs such as “Cuervo & Sprite”, “Match My Fly” and “All About the Money” have shared time on the airwaves in the Northeastern regional market of North Carolina.  Formerly teamed with Violator, Carter released his debut project Class in Session in the spring of 2012, which was hosted by DJ Metino, squad leader for Violator Europe, Slip N' Slide International and Def King Entertainment.  In March 2018, Class Carter had the honor of having Rocnation's Rel Carter host the album release for, sixth album, Class For Dummies, with new, hit single She Call Me Daddy leading the way! Independent and well-versed, his path has allowed him to see and touch many subjects and even in pursuit of new ventures, something within that new course turned him back to music. With the right instruction matched with the hustle of a kid whose focused on his books, Elijah “Class” Carter has an ‘A’ written all over his future.


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